Our Popular Integrations

Do more with Necosys Connect integrations. Connect your favorite apps to get the latest updates, automate routine tasks, and get more productive without leaving the team chat. Zero coding experience required – the only limit is your imagination.


Add apps to get more work done right within Necosys Connect

Zapier integration Pre-installed



Zapier makes it easy to automate tasks between Necosys Connect and 1000+ other apps.

Tasks integration Pre-installed



Tasks let you easily create, assign and manage your activity in a team chat.

Giphi integration Pre-installed


Social & Fun

Bring fun to your conversations using Giphy and promote seamless discussion your friends will be in splits for hours on end!

Google Drive integration Pre-installed

Google Drive

File Management

Get notifications of new files or folders added to your Google Drive account.

Dropbox integration Pre-installed


File Management

Get notifications of new files or folders added to your Dropbox account. Make sure the number of files/folders in the watched folder does not exceed 4000.

OneDrive integration Pre-installed


File Management

Get notifications of new files or folders added to your OneDrive account.

Github integration


Developer Tools

Get notifications of new commits, pull requests, issues and other activity.

Gitlab integration


Developer Tools

Receive notifications of new commits, merge requests, issues and other activity.

Bitbucket integration


Developer Tools

Get notified about commits, pull requests and issues without leaving Necosys Connect.

Trello integration


Project Management

Get real-time updates from a Trello board, into Public or Private conversation on Necosys Connect.

Asana integration


Project Management

Receive notifications in Necosys Connect when you add new tasks, update tasks, or add tags to tasks in a project.

Mailchimp integration



Get notified in Necosys Connect every time a user subscribes or unsubscribes from your mailing list.

Jira integration


Project Management

Get notified when any issue is created or updated in JIRA directly on Necosys Connect.

Coming soon

Google Calendar integration

Google Calendar

Project Management

Get your daily schedule right inside Necosys Connect, create new events and stay updated about your upcoming events.

Basecamp integration


Project Management

Receive notifications when new to-do, project or other activity happens in Basecamp.

Stripe integration


Online Payments Platform

Get Necosys Connect notifications for new Stripe customers, events or credit card activity.

Gmail integration



Stay updated with new emails matching preset criteria directly in Necosys Connect conversations.

Coming soon

Google Forms integration

Google forms

Collaborative software

Get notified when new response row is added or modified in a spreadsheet.

Zendesk integration


Support software

Get notified when a new Zendesk ticket is updated.

Salesforce integration


CRM platform

Receive notifications when new Salesforce lead, campaign or opportunity are created.

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